Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3

Yes, this is it. My very own Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay. It's Urban Decay's latest palette in the Naked series, and it consists of neutral shades with rosy undertones. 
Warning: This is a very picture-heavy post. 
As all Naked Palettes by Urban Decay, this one comes with a double-ended brush. One side is a rather dense flat eyeshadow brush, and the other one is a more fluffy crease brush. Both are very soft and nice to use!
The palette also comes with samples of all four kinds of Primer Potion that Urban Decay has, but I'm going to show those in a separate post.
Now, onto the individual colours.

The first shade in the palette is called Strange, and it's a matte cream-coloured nude. The perfect blending shade.
Next comes a light pinkish nude shade called Dust. And that is quite a fitting name as it's so glittery that has a very dusty texture. Very prone to fall-out, unfortunately, but pretty nonetheless.
The third shade is called Burnout, and it's a soft pinkish brownish nude shade. It has a soft shimmer to it.
Limit is a matte colour. It has a kind of cool flesh-toned shade, and leans a bit towards a lilac.
Buzz is a super interesting shade. It's very glittery, and a mix between a brown and a purple, but not too dark.
Next is Trick, a golden hue. It has some rosy undertones to it and a gorgeous shimmer.
Here we have Nooner. It's the last matte shade of the palette, and several hues darker than Limit, though it does fall into a similar category colour-wise. A purple-leaning brown.
Liar is a medium brown shade with a very fine silver shimmer. It's rather neutral, not too warm or cold.
Our next shade is called Factory, and it's of a darker brown. It also has nice shimmer to it, but it's not that strong.
Next to it is Mugshot, another brownish shade, though it does lean way more towards silver/grey than the previous ones. This silverish hue mainly comes together due to the shimmer it contains.
Darkside is our second to last colour, and this time we have a real grey. It also has a shimmer, but it's not glittery or anything, the shimmer is rather subtle.
Last but not least, a true beauty: Blackheart. A black that contains lots and lots of reddish pink glitter particles. Very special and gorgeous!
 Texture wise are all of these shades really nice! Of course, with some of the stronger shimmers you will definitely experience some fall out. But all colours have a great pigmentation and feel super smooth.
The Naked 3 is clearly different from the Naked 2, which I also own. Should you be interested in some comparisons between the two palettes, please let me know! I'd be glad to compare them!

Does anyone of you own the Naked 3 Palette?

xoxo, M


  1. I really love this palette <3 it's wonderful and I think I will buy it soon :-) but the comparison between Naked 2 and 3 is very interesting!

    1. I'm glad you like it! I'll try to do a comparison as soon as possible then, you can expect it within the next couple of days :)

  2. oh, I sooo love my Naked 3, my favorite out of the bunch :)
    Sara | Passing Fancy

    1. that's great, I'm glad you like it so much!


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