Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Spotted: Essence Love Letters LE

Hi there!

Today I'd like to talk about Essence's current Love Letters LE.

This LE contains an eyeshadow palette, 2 eyeliner pencils, 2 jumbo lip pencils, 1 highlighting powder, 5 nail polishes, 1 stampy set, 1 set of powder papers and one diary. You can find an overview of all products here *click*.

The eyeshadow palette consists of all light shades but one, and they all appeared to be shimmery. I unfortunately wasn't able to try it at the store, there were not testers.

The eyeliner pencils each have the pencil on one end, and a little smudger on the other. That can be used to create smokey looks, which is rather nice. Colours are dark blue and silver.

The jumbo lip pencils are very shiny and sheer. They barely add any colour to your lips.

The highlighting powder looks very cute, it has some kind of saying on it. There was not strong shimmer going on with this one.

The nail polishes are all pastel shades but one, which is a dark grey. They are all very nice but not that extraordinary to be honest.

The stampy set contains an image plate that has some patterns themed around the topic of love, and also a scraper and a stamp. I didn't actually know that stamping was still huge in the nail art world, but I'm sure this is a lovely set of designs if you like to do it!

The powder papers are basically blotting papers, but they have a transparent powder added to them that you apply directly when blotting your face. Intrigued by the idea of this technique I bought one of these sets. Expect a review to be up soon, I'm rather curious how these work.
Last but not least, a little note book that Essence calls a diary. It looks cute.

After all, a cute little LE that definitely has a feeling of Valentine's Day and spring to it. I wasn't too interested in the products, but that could also be due to the fact that none of them were truly outstanding.
What do you think of this LE?

xoxo, Misch


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