Wednesday, 10 October 2012

NOTD October 10th: Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Skittle Nail Art

Hey there!
Today I'd like to show you a skittle mani I created for this month :)
As you might know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to support that and raise awareness, I decided to do a mani using the signature color, pink!
Normally I'm not the biggest fan of skittle manis, I love them on other people but not on myself. With this one, however, it's different: I really love it!
It incorporates stripes, polka dots and all these things :) I also painted on the little ribbon!
What do you think of this mani? And did you already sport a pink shade to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I haven't worn pink in a while. Let's see if I can find the time to do something nice too.

    1. That would be great, it's the perfect opportunity to wear a pink :) not that you ever need a reason to wear pink :D

  2. Very nice designs! I really really like those colors most especially that it is designed to make everyone be more aware of cancer. My cancer alternative treatment center likes this so much.


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