Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Book Review: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Hey guys!
Today I'd like to review a book I just finished a couple of days ago, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.
Safe Haven talks about a young woman named Katie, who's just moved to a small town, and always stays to herself. She doesn't reveal anything about her past, but then she gets to know a guy named Alex...
It's like to super hard to sum up the story of this book without giving anything away, you'd better read the back of the book in the picture :D
Now, this is another one of these Nicholas Sparks love novels, the ones I love so much :D It's not soupy, but very emotional.
I gotta warn you, there might be some spoilers following, I just can't review it without mentioning some things :D
I love how it changes perspective every now and then, because that makes it all easier to follow. It also creates suspense a little, especially when Kevin is finding out where she lives. I found him very well-described anyway, and the way the parts out of his perspective were written, so you could fully understand his character. The way Nicholas Sparks built the sentences, from time to time even confusing, made it authentic because you were able to see how he thinks.
I also liked how you get to know about Katie's story at a part quite early in the book. That way you don't have too much guessing going on, and you understand it all way better.
To be honest, parts were really horrible not because of the book itself but its content...but they definitely made a good story, and I enjoyed reading it :)
The end is thrilling and full of suspense, and I found myself wanting to know how it goes on. If you're a fan of Nicholas Sparks novels, this is a good one to read :)
Has anyone of you guys read it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I have a few NSparks novels I want to read. Right now I'm reading a novel by Katarina Hagena, a German writer.
    Thanks for these book reviews, you know I like to get inspiration for future reads.

    1. That's great :) oh, I've never even heard of that author, what is the book called?
      I'm glad you like them :) I always also enjoy reading your book reviews :)


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