Wednesday, 24 December 2014

On How Happy Beaches Can Make One

It's almost Christmas, and for that occasion I want to share something that makes me happy. Or rather, made me very happy in the moment I experienced it.

I always get a very good feeling whenever I am at a beach. When travelling Ireland and the UK, I luckily was able to spend lots of time at the beach. There's just something very calming and joyful about beaches and the sea to me!

One moment stands out in particular - though it for sure isn't the only one - when I look back at all the great beaches I saw.
When we arrived in Ireland, landing in Cork with the ferry, we all didn't feel too great. Everyone was getting ill, and the weather wasn't that great. But after a couple of days spent doing nothing much, we began our trip along the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland's famous coastal route. The second we drove along the sea, everybody cheered up. Very fittingly, the sun came out, and we just stopped at some random point along the street.

It was neither a particularly stunning beach, nor special in any way, but we all got out of the car, and felt so good. It's really an indescribable feeling we had; I'd said it definitely consisted of feeling free, joyful and also relieved. Just standing there, wandering on the sand for a couple of meters, looking all around. Green fields all around, light sand, and the dark greyish blue waves. Long shadows caused by the low sun of the late afternoon. It looked so peaceful, and so did the few people who had stopped as randomly as we did, it seemed.
We couldn't help but keep smiling, and continued our drive in a much more relaxed and gleeful manner.

Looking back, we always refer to it as "the first Irish beach we saw", and believe me, we do talk about it quite a lot. There's just something very memorable about the way we felt there.

In case you're interested where exactly this beach is located: It's in the very south of Ireland, a little western of Kinsale, and along the Wild Atlantic Way.

In the spirit of Christmas, as much as my beach topic might not be the best fit, I would like to hear some short stories or thoughts of you guys. Anything that makes or made you feel deeply happy and content with the world and your life. Go ahead and share them with me!

xx, Misch

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