Sunday, 24 August 2014

New Sigma Brushes! E30 and F40

I'm kind of trying to post pictures of a couple of new things I got in the time of my blogging absence, so that's where all of these posts are coming from.

So quite some time ago I did some shopping at Sigma Beauty, and ordered the following two brushes:
The first brush I bought is an eye brush, called Sigma E25. It's a basic eyeshadow blending brush. It has white bristles and is a tiny bit flat. It is perfect for working with colours in your crease, because it is not too big so it can help you add definition to your eye. It does, at the same time, blend your eyeshadow, so you can achieve applying a colour to your crease and blending it out in one step.

The other brush I bought is a face brush, the Sigma F40. It's an angled blush or contour brush, nicely shaped for the cheek bone area. It's very fluffy but still helps to place your cheek products percisely and not all over the place. Blending with it is also very simple to do.

For every order over 30$, Sigma gives you a travel size of the E25 as a gift. I received one, and even though I'd also bought a full size version of it in this order, it's never wrong to have a variety of blending brushes. It's really a great gift! The brush is identical with the regular one, only that its handle is shorter. But it works equally well!

Sigma brushes are always my favourite to use and to buy, because they have great quality and don't cost a fortune. 
Do you guys have any brushes by them?

xoxo, M

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