Monday, 11 August 2014

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother 030 Cake Pop

As part of the new permanent line for Autumn 2014, Catrice introduces a new lip product line called Beautifying Lip Smoother. They are also already part of the It Pieces Limited Edition, which was available starting July.
The Beautifying Lip Smoothers will be available in 3 shades, of which 2 were already to be bought in the aforementioned Limited Edition. The one I have to show you is of the colour 030 Cake Pop.
The main facts about the Beautifying Lip Smoothers are that they contain 9 ml and retail for 3,49 €. They promise shine as well as filling in of little wrinkles.
The scent is very sweet and somewhat like caramel, but it's not overwhelming.

The colour of 030 Cake Pop is a medium pink and it contains tiny shimmer particles. It's pigmentation somewhat sheer, but it's not meant to have a big colour pay-off. Instead, it is supposed to be like a lip balm with a bit of a tint to it.

It has a little flock applicator. Once you push the bottle, the product squeezes out and you can directly apply it to your lips. That makes for a very simple application.
The product is also very easy to spread on the lips. It's not too sticky, and feels very soft on. It adds some shine and makes your lips look fuller. The shimmer particles are not visible on the lips.

The wear is fine, but not very long lasting. As it's rather glossy it also wears off rather fast. But the smooth, cared feeling remains even when the actual product is gone.
The Beautifying Lip Smoother is said to be a dupe for the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. It looks pretty much the same, and according to many reviews out there, also has the same attributes. And the Catrice version is definitely more inexpensive!

Has anyone tried this product?
xoxo, M

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