Friday, 30 August 2013

Spotted: Essence Oktoberfest LE

Hey there!
Today I'd like to talk about Essence's new LE for September, the Oktoberfest LE!

This LE contains 1 set of paper lashes, 2 eyeshadow and lipgloss sets, 1 lip balm, 1 blush, 4 nail polishes, 1 set of nail art stickers, 1 mini purse and 2 bracelets.
All products can be seen here *click*.

The paper lashes are of a very cute and fun design, with hearts. If I were the type to wear these, I'd have gotten them, but they're just a little too much for me :D

The eyeshadow and liploss sets are very cute, with a nice Oktoberfest design and everything. One contains a pink and a purple eyeshadow as well as a light pink lipgloss, the other is blue and brown in terms of eyeshadow and with a red lipgloss. I have no idea how well they're pigmented, but they did look very cute.

The lip balm comes in a tiny pot, and it is of a shimmery light pink shade, almost white. Not so much my taste.

The blush is a very cute one as well. It's of a cool-toned light pink, and has a darker pink with shimmer in its heart. Love the design, so I bought it.
Pigmentation of the background shade is okay, but it doesn't give that much color. The darker pink, however, does, and mixed together I bet they'll make for a nice, not too strong shade.
It was 3,25 Euros and is called 01 Fesches Madl!

The 4 nail polishes are red, purple, pink and green. They all looked very nice and very appropriate for the theme, but there was nothing too extraordinary to them.

The nail art stickers also look very cute, unfortunately they were already gone at my drugstore.

The mini purse is just a tiny little bag, very cute to store just a couple of cosmetic products in it for on the go.

The bracelets are also a nice little extra, they look very cute with their pink or purple ribbons and the silver pretzel as a charm.

After all, I quite liked this LE! I love the Oktoberfest, already looking forward to it now, and the products are all very cute :)
How did you like it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. So gorgeous! I usually buy these blushes, bronzers and highlighters from their TEs, because they look so adorable and I just can't resist, hahaa :D :D Love the design of this one as well. From pictures I also liked the bracelets very much, they looked really sweet^^

    1. Haha, same with me, their limited edition blushes are always so cute!
      Yes, the bracelets do indeed look very cute :)

  2. The packaging is the cutest ever <3 but I have so many blushes, so I think I will pass...

    Greetings fromShirayuki's Beauty.

    1. haha, I always try to tell myself that! but it doesn't always work :D


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