Thursday, 22 August 2013

Book Review: Mystery Man by Bateman

Hi guys!
Today I'd like to review a book I read during my vacation. It's called Mystery Man and is written by Bateman.
Mystery Man is about this guy from Belfast, who owns a bookshop that specializes in crime fiction. Next to his shop there's a detective agency, but one day it doesn't open anymore. The agency's clients then start coming to our bookshop-owner and ask him to solve their cases. They are not particularly hard to solve, and the main character soon has more people coming to him for help.
After a while the main case of the book establishes, and it is full of interesting turns. It keeps our main character pretty occupied and pushes him to his limits. He is also able to form a relationship with his long-term crush, and she helps him solve the case.

This book is really really funny to read! The main character is not your standard narrator who just tells what happens, but he mainly comments on what is going on. I wouldn't exactly call him normal, maybe not even sane in some moments, but that makes for a very funny reading experience! His perspective is a very personal one, and it is hilarious to read.
There are lots of plot twists going, I never really knew what would happen next, and that makes the book a whole lot more interesting.
It's not your typical crime fiction book! As the talented Benedict Cumberbatch already said in his review of Mystery Man: This book is mad! Seriously, go watch his review, it's what made me purchase the book in the first place!

I actually found myself laughing out loud when reading Mystery Man, and that really doesn't happen often! It's not the actual plot that made me laugh so much, because with all its twists and turns it can be a bit hard to follow at some points, but the unique way to telling the story.

I can highly recommend it if you're looking for a hilarious pleasure read, it's very entertaining and therefore great for vacation :)

Does anyone of you know this book?
xoxo, Misch

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