Sunday, 5 May 2013

Review: Essence Guerilla Gardening LE Nail Effect Powder 01 I'm The Moss

Hey there,
sorry for the short break, that was due to lots of stress at school :P I'm right in the midst of exam time :P But whatever, blogging is a great way to take a break from that!
Today I'd finally like to review the Nail Effect Powder from Essence's Guerilla Gardening LE. This is stuff is a so-called flocking powder, which means it's basically tiny little pieces of fluffy stuff! It's used for nail art.
The shade I got, 01 I'm The Moss, is a dark grass green shade. That's also the reason why I incorporated it in a nail art design with flowers.
Application was fairly easy. I applied a coat of green nail polish to put the flocking powder as "grass" on it. While it was still wet, I simply poured it straight out of its container onto my nail. Make sure you put something underneath so you can easily get rid of the fall-out. You will get too much flocking powder on your nail, so you need to brush it off. For that purpose I used a fan nail art brush by Kiko that I've owned for a while, and never quite known what to do with it :D That helped to get any excess off.
The feeling of this stuff on the nail is funny, it feels quite fluffy and fun! I did have to get used to it, though :D
The wear was unfortunately not so good. This seems to be the problem with most textured looks, that they never last all that long. Showering is always wrong, that removed most of the flocking powder on my nail.
So after all, I think this is really fun for an occasion, but not for daily looks. You just have to be too careful not to ruin it! But if you'd like to give this a try, it is quite fun!
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. Funny! I was wondering what was that, now I got it, haha!


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