Tuesday, 14 August 2012

NOTD August 14th: Catrice - Steel My Heart

Hey everyone!
Today I want to show you one of Catrice's new polishes in their permanent line, called 900 Steel My Heart.
Steel My Heart is a brownish gray shade, and it contains lots of shimmer. It has a strong purple undertone. The shimmer particles look a little like mini scattered holo particles as they change color in the sunlight. This effect doesn't really stand out, however.

Application of Steel My Heart was nice, it worked well in 2 coats. Since it has the so-called Brushed Metal Effect, which is basically a Satin finish, it dries quickly.

For the pictures I used a top coat, that's why it looks shiny and not satin :D

I really like the color of Steel My Heart, the shimmer really brightens it up and makes it so much more fun :)

What do you think of it?

xoxo, Misch


  1. I haven't really decided if I really need this one but I have to get Steel my Soul and maybe George Blueney

    1. decide it at the store when you see it, that's always the best idea :)

  2. It looks beautiful, but if I have to pick one I think I will choose Georgey Blueney (I wonder who creates names for Catrice polishes, thy are so cool!).

    1. yes, Catrice polishes always have the best names :D


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