Thursday, 18 September 2014

Rhinestone Nail Art + BornPrettyStore Rhinestones Review

Today it's time for the next review and nail art design using my BornPrettyStore stuff! Here are the rhinestones.
Products used
Essence 50s Girls Reloaded LE 01 Ahoy
BornPrettyStore 2mm Rhinestones*

The rhinestones are fairly easy to apply to your nails. I painted the desired area with a clear top coat, and then, using tweezers to pick them up, pressed the rhinestones into the still wet nail polish.

You have to make sure to let them dry thoroughly, because otherwise they'll be coming off your nail very easily. Once they're dry, though, they stay in place!
What I don't particularly like about rhinestones is the fact that they are somewhat bulky. With these, though, it's not so bad, they're fairly small! But still, you get them caught in your hair when brushing through it, or on your clothes.

The wear is fine, concerning the obvious fact that these won't stick too long. When being careful, your design might last you a couple of days, but once you do some hard work with your hands, they'll come off pretty fast.

After all, I do like these rhinestones a lot, I love how they look. I'm not the biggest fan of the feeling of wearing them, but still, I do recommend them!

Have you tried rhinestones on your nails?
xoxo, M


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  1. fajnie to wygląda:) a te ozdobniki szybko nie odpadają?:)


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